Hello I'm Marie,

In current projects I am using Responsive Website Designs throughout development. There are multiple applications for such a nifty tool especially, with some break points thown in!

I was born and raised in California and still haven't lived anywhere else, yet. I have been lucky enough to have a big enough state to move around and to have had as many experiences with other cultures while traveling.
I love reading and organizing. I chose history for my major and was very happy with the content and critical thinking. It is supprising how often research and organization can be utilized to accomplish different goals.
My dog is a 1 year old "mini" australian shepard poodle mix. He is a fluff-monster and loves to snuggle ... once you can tire him out. When I am not learning more about programming and working, my boyfriend and I are mostly just trying to keep up with him.

Come check me out at marielaqua.com